Hwa Chong Centennial Musical 世纪华中 (18 MAY, SATURDAY)

In commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial and Hwa Chong’s 100th anniversary, the “Hwa Chong Centennial Musical 世纪华中” recounts significant intersecting events in the history of Hwa Chong and our nation. Through the musical, the audience will get to experience the institution’s founding years through the eyes of the early Chinese immigrants and witness the pioneering spirit of the school leaders who passionately led Hwa Chong through the different chapters of Singapore’s history to arrive at the present modern age of Hwa Chong’s progress.

新年伊始,万象更新,拥有悠久历史的华侨中学终于迎来了她的百年华诞!为了纪念这一历史性的时刻,我校将举办一场以 “世纪华中” 为主题的大型音乐歌舞剧,于时空之间回溯、演绎华侨中学一百年来的沧桑变迁与繁荣发展。本次演出将有17个不同的课外活动团体、400多名学生参与其中,可谓盛况空前,史无前例。届时,欢迎您携同家人及朋友前来观赏演出,共襄盛举!

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