An Invitation from our juniors! 又是接近'庆中秋在黄城'的时候啦! 学弟学妹们已经开始筹备了。今年的线上庆祝活动挺新鲜的, 让我们全力支持他们与敬请期待!~ 华初校友会

💖 A Very Special Online MAF Celebration this year! To be organized by our juniors (47th Hwa Chong Students’ Council) 💖 We are sure it will be another memorable event for all! ~ Hwa Chong JC Alumni ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Hwa Chongians, past and present,

Greetings! This year for our Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations (which we endearingly call MAF), we would not be able to have a physical celebration due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, we will be celebrating this momentous occasion virtually, from the comfort of your own homes - 4th October, 6.30pm, YouTube Live.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is all about overcoming boundaries - be it having to go virtual, or the fact that exams are just round the corner. Our theme reflects just that: 霁 (pronounced ji4) connotes pleasant weather, in particular, one that clears up after a heavy storm. We hope that this year, amidst the uncertainties and challenges ahead, this year’s MAF can continue to be an enjoyable one where you can celebrate it virtually with your family, the Hwa Chong family. This year, we invite you to be a part of our Mid-Autumn Festival in a way that has never been done before in 3 ways. (1) If you want to be a part of our livestream, and you want to set foot on campus once again, this is your perfect opportunity! We will be holding a 30 minute Casual Talk Show dubbed “Mooncake Mukbang” on 11th (Friday) or 12th September (Saturday). Here’s your chance to revisit your old classrooms and relive your college experience! Due to social distancing measures, we would only be able to invite a maximum of 2 pairs of alumni, so first come first serve, sign up now! (2) Alternatively, be a part of our gameshow: work with other Hwa Chongians virtually to get past our riddles, challenges and exciting mysteries! Due to technical considerations, the maximum number of participants (alumni) we will be accepting is 30. Sign-ups are on a first-come-first-serve basis. You may sign up individually, or as a team- the maximum number of people in each team is 5. We will inform all successful applicants more specific details at a later date. If you are interested in these 2 activities, do fill in this form here by 6th September 2020: https://forms.gle/A7yLUReNqsupLNFUA We will only be contacting successful applicants and providing the log-in information at a later date. Do note that these activities will be conducted in English.

(3) If you’re unable to make it for the events mentioned above, fret not! If you would still like to be featured in the livestream, simply send us a video (taken in landscape mode) of yourself answering any question listed below:

What’s your favourite memory from Hwa Chong? What do you remember about MAF celebrations in Hwa Chong? (If you have relevant pictures, do send them in!) What does the Hwa Chong Spirit mean to you? How has Hwa Chong changed you?

In submitting your videos, please do tell us how you would like to be featured in the video (e.g John Tan, 17S7B, Hwa Chong Taekwondo). You may send in responses in Chinese or English, whichever language you are more comfortable with. In the event of overwhelming responses, we apologise for not being able to feature everyone. Please send all submissions to studentscouncil@student.hci.edu.sg by 13th September 2020, 2359!

Finally, if you would like to be kept in the loop for more information and updates regarding this year’s very special MAF, please also take the time to fill up this short form: https://forms.gle/yRuhbr17S58PQDi88

We look forward to having you onboard this year’s MAF! Thank you.

Yours truly, Timotheus Teng Chairperson, Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations 2020 47th Hwa Chong Students’ Council


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