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Today, we received a letter from Year 1 HCI juniors, who sought help to share about their project to Hwa Chong JC alumni for support. Have a read and support where you can!


Dearest Hwa Chongians,

We are a group of J1 students, working on a project on behalf of Lions Befrienders to help raise funds for 500 currently uncontactable seniors to purchase simple phones and SIM cards.

In hope of contributing to the society during covid-19 situation, our J2 senior Yuge approached Lions Befrienders and discovered in shock the numerous seniors in urgent need during CB. On request of the manager (Ms Jacqueline Beh) from Lions Befrienders, we started this fund-raising project in Hwa Chong to help these financially difficult and non tech-savvy seniors.

These 500 at-risk seniors are 76 years' old on average, 72% of them are single. Struggling financially, majority live in rental flats, are socially isolated and in a despairingly lonely state. Some of them are also chronically ill.

Staff and volunteers from Lions Befrienders are unable to visit these at-risk seniors in person. Even after CB, volunteers will not be able to visit them in person any time soon. Thus, making phone calls is the only way Lions Befrienders could regularly check on these 500 at-risk seniors twice weekly. This is the solitary method for seniors to mitigate loneliness during prolonged isolation.

● We are currently raising fund on

● Target amount is $30,000

$50 for simple phone and $10 for SIM card for 1 month

These seniors need simple phones so urgently that we would like to ask you to see if it is possible for you to help us. Hwa Chongians, as a compassionate force of good in society, we will really appreciate it if you can extend your kindest help to these 500 seniors in need. Lions Befrienders would also provide a certificate of appreciation for Hwa Chong Alumni association.

Once again, thank you for your kindness!!!

Instagram@simple_phones_for_seniors initiative from Hwa Chong Institution


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