To Sir with Love - Mr Lock Hong Kit

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Mr Lock Hong Kit, a great educator at Hwa Chong Junior College and sailing pioneer of Singapore. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.

Obituary: S'pore sailing pioneer and SEA Games champion Lock Hong Kit dies at 74 (repost from Straits Times)

Mr Lock joined Hwa Chong Junior College in 1977 as a young PE teacher, and retired from Hwa Chong Institution in 2008. He was in-charge of Sailing, Outdoor Activities, Canoeing, Tahan Mountain Trekking Team in different years, and later became the CCA HOD. Students remember him as a cool man with a slight smile, watching over them and quietly supporting their outdoor adventures. Colleagues recall him as a professional and cordial co-worker, always kind, encouraging & witty with words. Over three decades, Mr Lock nurtured Hwa Chong students in physique and character through physical education and outdoor activities, and was an inspiration for fellow colleagues and young teachers.

We collect here a few treasured memories of Mr Lock from alumni and teachers. He will be greatly missed.

"Many in Hwa Chong remembered Mr Lock,

Our pillar of confidence firm as rock.

Instilling in us strength and true grit,

Firing up the passion for CCA in us 18 year-old kids.

A great Teacher, dedicated Coach and Champion Sailor,

Guiding and reminding us not to be afraid of failure.

Now that you have sailed faraway,

But your positivity and kind words are here to stay." - Jess Loy

(repost from HCJC Alumni FB Group)

Mr Lock Hong Kit (second from right) with the entire PE Dept staff (on a school trip with about 60 students to Thailand) in Dec 1979. Pic taken outside a hotel in Ipoh. Photo & caption contributed by Dr Quek Jin Jong.

"Mr Lock was for a long time CCA HOD of HCJC . Well regarded in the National Sailing Fraternity. Remember him for being a dedicated CCA teacher with a quiet demeanor which belies a warm sincere heart . RIP Mr Lock" - Mrs Ang Lai Kuin

(repost from HCJC Alumni FB Group)

"Today we mourn the passing of my dear ex-colleague and Outdoor mentor who sat beside me in the old HCJC PE Office. Everyone in the local sailing fraternity knows this Legend, as well as all the HCJC OAC and Tahan students from the founding years up till his retirement in the late 2000s. He dedicated his entire life to sailing and outdoor education, and was an influence to my early years in OE.

Rest in peace Mr Lock." - Mr Alex Tan

(repost from Facebook)

"I also remember Mr Lock practising his ballroom dancing steps while waiting for us to return from running at PE. He said we should always keep ourselves active trying to learn new things!" - Zing Lim

"Mon 22 June 2020

The passing of Lock Hong Kit a pioneering legend in the early days of Sailing in Sg and a PE educator at heart. He and I were long time colleagues in Hwa Chong JC and old friends since our Teachers Training College Camp* Instructor the later 60's.

On Sat night I received a piece of news that shocked me. An old friend and former close colleague from HJC had passed on. I was devastated and stunned for I knew Lock Hong Kit to be conscious of physical good health, trim and fit..when we were all carrying out our PE and sporting activities daily, in and out for years and years.

But cancer came a-calling. In his case, prostate cancer over the last few years. It is sad that he lost this fight at this age.

This afternoon I paid my respect at his wake held at Blk 529 Pasir Ris Drive 1. Offered my deepest condolences to his family especially wife Molly, daughters Julie and Joanne. A number of friends from the Sailing community were present including Edwin Siew. I penned a message in the Condolence book and left a special HJC embossed key chain in mint condition in remembrance of Kit's long passage of service to HJC together with me and others. 😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️"

- Mr Dick Yip (repost from Facebook)

(*Teachers Training College was located at Paterson Hill Rd. It conducts course content for those, like Mr Dick Yip and Mr Lock, that chose to specialise in Physical Education, among other subjects. The TTC PE Dept also runs outdoor camps and other activities. 2 Annual YLTC Camps were held in June and Nov school holidays. Many apply to join the camp as trainees but places were limited, So it was seen a feather in the cap if you had been chosen to attend. The Camp Instructors were all selected from qualified teachers and some from even TTC trainees who had impressed. All had good outdoor skills and camp experience.)


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