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A few Alumni, Toh Boh Kwee 杜木贵 (HCJC 83/84), Timothy Sim 沈文伟 (HCJC 83/84), Pok Cheng Sian 卜清森 ( HCJC 83/84) and Foong Wai See 冯慧诗 (HCJC 84/85) have come together with 3 other seniors from Chinese High, Tan Teck Lee 陈得礼, Lim Jew Pean 林猷斌 and William Yeo 杨伟明, to do something for the nation and the community, cheer the Frontliners on and raising funds for 2 charities, Child at Street 11 and Brahm Centre! The event We Walk for SG will be happening from 23 May to 31 May 2020!

Details are enclosed below! Let's support in our Hwa Chong spirits and do something good for our beloved Singapore! Should you choose to walk at home or donate in any monetary amount, let's go!❤

我们的几位校友选择在阻断措施结束前为国人,前线人员和弱势群体贡献他们的一份心意! 让我们有钱的出钱,有力的出力, 共同创造出一份我们送给新加坡的礼物吧!! Details for We Walk for SG (23 -31 May 2020) can be found below. Registration starts 18 May 2020! https://bit.ly/35yjzqD https://www.facebook.com/WeforSG-102388308154550 https://www.instagram.com/wefor.sg/ To register for walk: https://wefor.sg/wewalk-for-sg/ (Synchronisation/uploading walk records to web platform will only start on 23 May) To donate: https://wefor.sg/charity/ #wewalkforsg

Info source: We Walk for SG

Text credits: thanks to alumni Chwen Sia


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To all members, 1. Notice is hereby given that the above event will be held as follows: Date : 30 March 2021 (Tuesday) Time : 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm Venue : Virtual (Please register at http://bit.ly/h