About the College

Established in 1974, Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) is the second government-aided junior college to be set up in Singapore.

Since the 1980s, the college has enjoyed a distinguished track record in academia, sports, music, culture and the arts, with many graduates making important contributions to Singapore's private and government sectors. In 2004, HCJC became the first junior college in Singapore to turn independent. Reminisce the past with the college anthem (school song) of former HCJC.

With the merger in 2005, The Hwa Chong Junior College now forms the College Section of Hwa Chong Institution.

About the Alumni

The HCJC Alumni was founded to foster friendships and maintain robust ties among our graduate students. Through the years, the Hwa Chong tradition we have cultivated, and the different circumstances we overcame together, have helped us grow closer and more cohesive.

Besides supporting the college and student activities, we also support Hwa Chong students who require financial assistance. We believe every student should be given the opportunity to realise their full potential, and have been proactive in organising fundraising events in aid of the HCJC Alumni Bursary Fund.


The objectives of the Alumni are: 

  1. To promote, foster and maintain friendship and goodwill among past Collegians;

  2. To initiate and/or support, by pecuniary or other means, any project which the Alumni deems deserving for its members, the College or the community;

  3. To promote social, cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Welcome message

2019 is a very special year as it marks the 45th anniversary of Hwa Chong JC as well as the 100th anniversary of Hwa Chong Institution (HCI).  Personally, it is even more special as I begin my first term in serving the Alumni.

The Alumni has always been a way for graduates to connect back to the school. However, to be effective, it is equally important for the Alumni to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a platform for alumni members to network and maintain close ties with one another 

  • Provide career counselling, assistance and networking opportunities to students as they graduate from HCI and universities, and step into the working world

  • Provide support to the school in its effort to drive academic and character excellence


We look back on the major events which were organised by the Alumni in 2018: 

  • The Alumni College Day Dinner (ACDD) hosted more than 400 guests in the HCI school hall. This annual event served as a fundraising platform for book prizes for students. It also provided us with an opportunity to reconnect with friends, retired teachers and our beloved campus. We invited HCI bursary recipients to join us for the first time at ACDD. 

  • Teachers' Day Gift – Crabtree & Evelyn cookies & tea were presented to teachers to show our appreciation.

  • Monthly ‘Limkopi’ sessions and a few durian parties - Sessions with various themes (CCAs shout out, Durian, Thanksgiving, CNY) were held at the College Times Café, allowing alumni members to meet up with friends and teachers in a casual setting.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) – The Alumni organised activities in conjunction with the school’s celebrations. Some of these were children's art competition, lantern carrying and a mini-disco at College Times Café.

  • Presentation of HCJC Alumni Bursaries – Total of $75,000 was presented to 78 students to support their studies

  • Annual sponsorship of Hwa Chong Overseas Support Group (OSG) UK activities, prom magazines, exam dinners.

  • HCJC Alumni Calligraphy Exhibition @ Bras Basah Complex – Exhibits were presented by Alumni members, teachers and current students.

  • In celebration of Hwa Chong JC’s 45th College Day anniversary, we kicked off the Celebrity Chef series with the 1st Celebrity Chef workshop on 15 Dec 2018 conducted by Chef Daniel Tay of Bakerzin.

  • The inaugural Alumni Softball Tournament on 28 July 2018 brought together different generations of HCJC Softball players for a day of Slowpitch Softball friendly games.

We are heartened to see popular support for various events held in the first quarter of 2019, including:

  • Golf Challenge 2019, with a total of 128 golfers signing up for the event held at NSRCC. A total of $39,081 was raised in support of HCJC Alumni activities and bursary funds.

  • ‘Limkopi’ session-cum-CNY celebrations in Feb.

  • Continuation of Celebrity Chef series, including the 2nd workshop on 12 Jan 2019 conducted by Chef Ng Ziyang from Jumbo Group, and 3rd workshop on 23 March 2019 conducted by Chef Jackson from Furama Riverside Hotel.

We look forward to many more events being planned. So watch this space and join us for the fun activities throughout the year.

It is with a heavy heart that we saw the passing of two well-loved and respected former principals of HCJC in 2018 and 2019 – our founding principal Mr Lim Nai Tian who walked HCJC through early teething years of 1974 – 1976, and Mr Bernard Fong, a fatherly figure who led HCJC through a difficult period (1980 – 1988) when it had to relocate its campus. Many of us have fond memories of Mr Lim and Mr Fong, and we will miss them dearly. 

I would like to record a note of thanks to all past patrons and committee members who have served lovingly and selflessly. They have helped the Alumni to grow into a strong and close-knit outfit. Many have donated generously and given time and effort to organise activities for Alumni, help the students and serve the school community.

饮水思源. The 33rd Exco will continue to be guided by this principle and fly the flag of HCJC Alumni high, remain active and relevant to both the alumni members and students alike.

On behalf of the 33rd ExCo, here’s wishing everyone good health and happiness in the year ahead, and we look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events!

Mr. Ronald Tay


33rd Executive Committee

Hwa Chong Junior College Alumni

34th Executive Commitee
(2020 - 2023)


Ronald Tay

First Vice-President

Chua Aik Boon

Vice-President (Membership)

Lim Wee Meng

Vice-President (Sports & Entertainment)

Dr. John Yam Poh Nam

Asst Vice-President (Sports & Entertainment)

Zoe Seet Ching Yah

Vice-President (Communications)

River Koh Tiong Gee

Vice-President (Community Engagement)

Annie Low Boon Cheng

Vice-President (Student Education Fund)

Sanny Ong Yee Ping

Honorary Treasurer

Chris Chan Chee Shian

Asst Honorary Treasurer

Sanny Ong Yee Ping

Honorary Auditor

Goh Wee Lee

Honorary Auditor

Jess Loy Soo Hui

Honorary Secretary

Faith Liu Shih Lin

Asst Honorary Secretary

Grace Tan Hong Yan

Legal Advisor

Ong Sin Yee

Committee Member

Koh Peng Eng

Committee Member

Peng Chi Sheng

Committee Member

Mah How Teck

Committee Member

Dr Yim Heng Boon

Group photo of 34th Executive Committee members and Hwa Chong JC Alumni patrons taken at AGM on 29 February 2020

5 group photo.jpeg
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2014年,为庆祝华初建校四十周年,我会在中华总商会举办“黄城四十 。翰墨因缘”书画展,共展出三十余位师长、校友和在籍学生的五十多件作品。




2018年 “黄城墨韵 -- 华初校友会书画研究会30周年书画展”
2019年 “华中百年校庆万人宴”

Hwa Chong Overseas Support Group (UK)


The Hwa Chong Overseas Support Group (United Kingdom) comprises alumni members of Hwa Chong Institution who reside in the United Kingdom. It aims to help alumni members establish and maintain contact with one another, as well as stay connected to the school and Singaporean community. We also hope that in doing so, we will be able to connect alumni members with opportunities offered back home in Singapore, even while they are overseas.
We achieve the aforementioned objectives by organising various events for the Hwa Chong alumni. Examples include pre-departure induction programmes for alumni heading for studies in the UK, get-togethers in the UK, career- and study-related events.

Our main events include the freshers induction in Hwa Chong, a Chinese New Year festival in late Jan/early Feb, and finally culminating in our biggest and final event of the year, Hwa Chong Night. 

The HCOSG 20/21 committee comprises:
President - Priscilla Yip
Vice President - Huang Lezhi
Secretary - Sean Lee
Treasurer- Emily Tan
Events Director - Josiah Tan and Too Tat Rui
Sponsorship and Liaison Director - Keefe Ng
Publicity Director - Amy Luo

Contact us at:


The HCJC Alumni consists of many passionate alumni who actively volunteer their time and efforts towards our mission to foster friendship and goodwill among alumni and support meaningful projects, events and activities for members, juniors, the institution or the community.

There are many exciting areas where you can contribute to make a difference! Click on the link below to join us as a HCJCA volunteer now  https://bit.ly/HCJCAvolunteers