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HCJCA Membership

Once A Hwa Chongnian, Forever a Hwa Chongnian!​

​We're sure that you have many wonderful memories of your time in HCJC / HCI. Join us as an Alumni member today and stay connected to the Hwa Chong family and keep abreast of our latest news and events!

We can't wait to welcome you! Apply to be a member now!​

Members' Benefits

  • Lifetime Membership

  • Career advice and sharing sessions

  • Networking opportunities through alumni events

  • Reconnect and catch up with old friends and teachers through alumni events


  • How much do I have to pay for the Membership Fee?

    • Life Membership for HCJC Alumni is now FREE! Sign up now to reconnect with friends and for immediate benefits!​

  • Who is eligible to join the Alumni? Is membership open to my spouse who is not a HCJC / HCI graduate?

    • Anyone who is a graduate of HCJC or HCI (College) can join the Alumni. Our membership is currently not open to spouses of ex-Hwa Chongnians.​

  • If I have suggestions for the Alumni, who should I contact?

    • Please email your suggestions to the email address at the bottom of the webpage. We welcome all feedback and will reply to your emails in a timely manner.​.​

(Or Update Membership Details)


The HCJC Alumni consists of many passionate alumni who actively volunteer their time and efforts towards our mission to foster friendship and goodwill among alumni and support meaningful projects, events and activities for members, juniors, the institution or the community.


There are many exciting areas where you can contribute to make a difference! Join us as a HCJCA volunteer now!  

Interest / Support Groups

Lim Kopi

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-25 at 12.15.33 PM.jpeg

Join us every last Saturday of the month at the College cafe to catch up with your former college mates and teachers over coffee and tea!

Click here to join our Lim Kopi Whatsapp Chatgroup to get friendly reminders and updates!

Walking Interest Group


If you enjoy walking, do join us on our Alumni Walk happening every quarter!

Click here to join our Walking Interest Group Whatsapp Chatgroup to get the updates on the next Walk!








2014年,为庆祝华初建校四十周年,我会在中华总商会举办“黄城四十 。翰墨因缘”书画展,共展出三十余位师长、校友和在籍学生的五十多件作品。




Hwa Chong Overseas Support Group (UK)

The Hwa Chong Overseas Support Group (United Kingdom) comprises alumni members of Hwa Chong Institution who reside in the United Kingdom. It aims to help alumni members establish and maintain contact with one another, as well as stay connected to the school and Singaporean community. We also hope that in doing so, we will be able to connect alumni members with opportunities offered back home in Singapore, even while they are overseas.
We achieve the aforementioned objectives by organising various events for the Hwa Chong alumni. Examples include pre-departure induction programmes for alumni heading for studies in the UK, get-togethers in the UK, career- and study-related events.

Our main events include the freshers induction in Hwa Chong, a Chinese New Year festival in late Jan/early Feb, and finally culminating in our biggest and final event of the year, Hwa Chong Night. 

Contact us here!

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