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Contributing to the HCJC Alumni Student Education Fund (SEF)

Thank you for your support to the HCJC Alumni SEF!


Please follow STEP 1-3  below to make a contribution:

(1) Download and Fill out the Single Donor Form to CFS. Follow the Payment Instruction Carefully.

(Important: Please use your official full name (as on NRIC/FIN) in order to claim tax deduction.)


(2) If you are sending a cheque to CFS, please write "HCJC Alumni SEF" on the back of the cheque OR If you are remitting the donation online to CFS, please indicate "HCJC Alumni SEF" in the Payment Reference field.

(This step is IMPORTANT to ensure that your donation is credited to our SEF account with CFS.)


(3) In addition to mailing (cheque payment) or emailing (online payment) the donor form to CFS, please also email a copy of your donor form to the Alumni at to notify us of your kind donation


If you have any question, PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us at BEFORE ANY PAYMENT IS SENT TO CFS. We would be happy to assist and guide you with the process.

HCJC Alumni Student Education Fund 

In Apr 2020, the HCJC Alumni Student Education Fund (SEF) was officially set up with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS).


The main objectives of the SEF are to provide financial assistance to the financially deserving students and recognise those who had demonstrated all-round excellence and have participated actively in leadership and community services.


The CFS helps to administer and manage the fund for the Alumni’s Bursary awards and Book Prizes. As the CFS is an IPC-status charity, all donations above $50 to the SEF will receive 2.5X tax deduction. The SEF Committee (HCJCA Exco) oversees the SEF, authorizes the disbursement of fund as well as plans and implements the SEF fund-raising initiatives. It is also responsible for the fund-raising initiatives for the Alumni Bursary Award, Ang Wee Hiong All-Round Excellence Award, Lim Nai Tian Community Leadership Award and Tan Keong Choon Leadership/Excellence Award.

The current SEF Committee comprises Ms Sanny Ong Yee Ping (VP, Bursary & SEF), Mr William Ng (Patron), Dr Lin Wei Liang (Patron), Mr Ronald Tay (Immediate Past President, HCJCA Exco) and Mr Chua Aik Boon (President, HCJCA Exco)


A first tranche of $250,000 was raised in Apr-June 2020 with the strong support of the Patrons and Alumni members.

Separately, the founding sponsors for the Seah Boon Thong Book Prize and Mrs Ang-Lee Lai Kuin Leadership Development Fund will be responsible to fund-raise for the awards.

The following Bursary/Book Prizes and Awards are supported by the SEF:

1. HCJC Alumni Bursary Award 

The Bursary Award was set up in 1999 by the HCJC Alumni with the main aim to lessen the financial burden of financially deserving students so that they can strive for excellence. For the past 2 decades, many supportive Alumni members contributed generously towards the Bursary Fund, prior to the setup of the SEF.

Eligibility for the Bursary Award

  1. The Bursary Fund is open to all current students of Hwa Chong Institution, regardless of race and nationality. Any Student whose monthly family household income is not more than $7,500 (or Per Capita Income of not more than $1875) is eligible to apply for each academic year (i.e. JC1 & JC2).

  2. Written recommendation from Civics Tutor on the applicant’s household financial situation, academic performance and conduct is required on the application form


Bursary Terms

Every Bursary recipient will receive $1000 - $1200 for each academic year applied.


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee for the Bursary comprises the Deputy Principal/Student Development and Principal Consultant/Faculty. Recipients are selected based on the feedback provided by the Civics Tutors on financial situation, academic performance and conduct.


Timeline and Application Procedure

Application usually opens in Feb-March (Term 1). Please look out for the Bursary application announcement on iEMB for the exact deadline each year. If you are in financial needs after the closing of the application, please approach your Civics Tutor for assistance.


Download Bursary Application Form

Contact : Mr Teh Chee Siong (Principal Consultant/Faculty)

2. Ang Wee Hiong All-Round Excellence Award (ARE)

The HCJC Alumni set up the Ang Wee Hiong All-Round Excellence award (ARE) in 2010 to honour the longest-serving principal in Hwa Chong Junior College. Mr Ang served as principal from 1999 to 2009. This award is the most prestigious one in the college and is presented to students who have not only achieved academic excellence in a rigorous and challenging Integrated Programme(IP), but are also exemplary leaders with passion, resilience and compassion. They serve as true role models for their peers. There would be 10-12 recipients of this distinguished award annually.


The ARE is only awarded through nomination by school teachers. For more information about the ARE and other awards in HCI, please check this webpage. 

3. Lim Nai Tian Community Service Award 

The Lim Nai Tian Community Service Award is given in recognition of students who have shown outstanding dedication towards others through community and voluntary work. Nominees should embody good spiritedness, empower others to participate in and add value to community life.



  • Fulfilled at least 200 CIP Hours

  • Led in a Service Learning Project

  • Involved in a variety of projects for different sectors (e.g. Children, Elderly, Youths, Healthcare, the Disabled, Environment or Arts and Heritage) or different types of activities (e.g. Fundraising, Organising camps)

  • Outstanding leadership and team management skills

  • Display great passion and dedication in community work

  • Have good conduct

For more information about the Lim Nai Tian Community Service Award and other awards in HCI, please check this webpage.

4. Tan Keong Choon Leadership/Excellence (CCA) Awards

The late Mr Tan Keong Choon served as the Chairman of the Management Committee for The Chinese High School (TCHS) for 26 years and the Chairman of Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) for 22 years.

Mr Tan dedicated his life to promoting bilingual education in Singapore. He was particularly passionate in encouraging the learning of Chinese language, culture and values.

He was instrumental in The Chinese High School turning Special Assistance Plan in 1979. Under his servant leadership, TCHS became a leading bilingual school in the region. In 1988, he strategically turned TCHS into the first Independent School in Singapore, and helped the school develop the vision of a world-class school. Mr Tan had also played a pivotal role in establishing HCJC, the first government-aided Junior College in Singapore, in 1974. His pioneering spirit was essential in not just setting up the college but seeing it through its most trying times.

Due to his strong ties with Hwa Chong, the HCJC Alumni decided to honour him and raised fund from its associates to set up the Tan Keong Choon Leadership/Excellence Awards.

4a. Tan Keong Choon Leadership Award (CCA- Individuals)

This award, through nomination by teachers, is to recognise outstanding JC2 CCA leaders from the 4 domains: Performing Arts, Sports, Community Service and Leadership, who fulfil the following requirements:

  • Leadership and contributions to CCA: exhibit outstanding leadership, making impactful contributions in CCA programmes.

  • Upholding the school values and philosophy: conducting themselves in the CCA in a way that’s an example to others. The candidate consistently demonstrates some or all of the following traits:

    • Servant leadership (includes empathy, stewardship, listening, foresight, building community etc)

    • Teamwork and problem solving skills

    • Respect and responsibility

  • Preference will be given to students who are financially deserving.

4b. Tan Keong Choon Excellence Award (CCA - Groups)

This team/group award is to recognise outstanding CCA which has

  • Excellence in management of CCA processes, promotes well-being and character development of students

  • Outstanding contributions in the areas of Sports, Performing arts,

  • Leadership and Community Service

  • Collaborations with other CCA groups

  • Achievements during the period (June to May) which include driving new initiatives and making positive impact and improvements to the CCA or school community


The nominations for the Excellence Award are from the CCA appraisals conducted annually. The CCA Council will invite the top 2 ranked CCA teams in each of the CCA categories to contend for the award

5. Seah Boon Thong Book Prize

The Seah Boon Thong Book Prize was established in 2010 to honour the late Captain Seah Boon Thong. Boon Thong was from the 4th Batch of Hwa Chong Junior College and many remember him as an outstanding student and Hwa Chong's second President's Scholar. Also a Singapore Armed Forces Scholar, Boon Thong joined the Air Force as an A4 Skyhawk pilot after his tertiary education. He passed on in a training accident on 25th July 1985 when his plane crashed into the Johor Straits.

2010 marked the 25th Anniversary of his passing and a group of his former classmates and friends rallied together to raise funds—in his memory—for his alma mater, Hwa Chong. This prize will be awarded annually to a financially deserving and outstanding JC1 (Year 5) student from Hwa Chong Institution.

Boon Thong came from a very humble background, but through his determination and perseverance, he achieved all round excellence and was awarded the nation's most prestigious honour—the President's Scholarship. It is the hope of the donors that this prize will spur our juniors to strive for excellence in everything they set out to achieve.


The criteria listed below serve as a tribute to Boon Thong's inspiring accomplishments.


Applicants must:

  • Be current JC1 students studying in Hwa Chong Institution

  • Have excellent academic results for their HCI IP (MSG ≤ 1.5), NYGH IP (MSG ≤ 1.5) or GCE ‘O’ Levels (L1R5 = 7)

  • Possess excellent CCA records with a good track record in leadership roles

  • Excellent conduct

  • Be financially deserving



Based on application and interview (if necessary).


Terms and Conditions of Award

  • $1500 per annum

  • Tenable for 2 years, subject to good examination results and conduct.


Timeline and Application Procedure

Interested students can apply online in early March. Application details will be posted on iEMB. Application will typically close one week after March holiday. Refer to iEMB for specific timeline and application procedure.

6. Mrs Ang-Lee Lai Kuin Leadership Development Fund

The Mrs Ang-Lee Lai Kuin Leadership Development Fund was established in April 2023 by the family of the late Mrs Ang-Lee Lai Kuin, for the purpose of Leadership Development of Student Councillors at HCI (College section).


Mrs Ang joined HCJC as one of its pioneer teachers when the College first opened its doors in January 1974, teaching General Paper, English Literature and English as a Second Language to the Chinese Stream students. During her 34 years teaching career at Hwa Chong, she also held appointments as the students’ Mentor for the Ministry of Education ASEAN Scholarship students to the College each year, and as the Senior Teacher Advisor of the Students’ Council from 1994 until her retirement in 2007. In 2017, Mrs Ang published a book A Teacher's Memoirs on the early history, challenges, and traditions of the College.

Mrs Ang passed away in July 2022


She had penned a note, amongst her many written journals, that in the event of her passing, she would like a Leadership Development Fund to be set up for the purpose of Leadership Development of HCI Student Councillors. The HCJC Alumni and Hwa Chong Institution are indeed honored to receive the gift by Mrs Ang and her family, for bringing out the leadership potential in our students.


Each Councillor will be able to access the fund throughout the year on programmes that develop their leadership skills. These programmes include, but are not limited to:

1. Courses/workshops to develop specific skill sets that aid in leadership (Presentation Skills, Management Skills, Communications Skills, Marketing, Public Speaking, IT etc.)
2. Leadership Camps
3. Leadership Talks

Details and procedures on how to access the Mrs Ang-Lee Lai Kuin Leadership Development Fund are available from the Students’ Council LDF Committee or the Teacher-In-Charge.

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