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HCJC50 Memories Board

Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2024!  

We would like to invite all alumni, teachers and staff of HCJC or HCI (College) to contribute your well-wishes, stories, anecdotes, thoughts or musings from your memorable times in College. We hope to amass a significant collection and share them throughout the year through various media channels, especially at the Golden Jubilee Gala Dinner in July in a commemorative book.


Please scroll to the end of the posts below and click on the + icon at the bottom right corner to start contributing! Would be great if you can share a photo too! If you have many photos to share, you may upload them here! Thank you and please also share this with your friends from College!

2024 年华中初级学院金禧庆


+”图标开始投稿!如果您能分享一张照片就更好了!如果您有更多的照片想分享, 请在这里上载。谢谢,也请与您的高中朋友分享这个消息!

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