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Bursary Fund

About Bursary Fund

Our Mission

  1. Set up in 1999 by the Hwa Chong Junior College Alumni, the Bursary Fund aims to reduce the financial burden of needy students so that they can strive for excellence.

  2. The Bursary Fund will be used mainly for bursary awards, named formally as "Hwa Chong Junior College Alumni Bursary Award".

  3. A portion of the Bursary Fund will be set aside as Student Welfare Aid to provide financial assistance to needy students in the College.

The Student Welfare Aid Fund

  1. Needy students can apply for financial assistance at any time of the year.

  2. The CEO/Principal, together with the Committee, will determine and approve the amount to be given for each applicant.

Eligibility for the Bursary & Student Welfare Aid Fund

  1. The Bursary Fund is open to all current students of Hwa Chong Institution, regardless of race and nationality. The tenure of the award is from July (J1) to June (J2). For the duration outside this tenure, students can apply for the Student Welfare Aid.

  2. Applicants must not be in receipt of any other bursary or scholarship (excluding Edusave Merit Bursary).


Selection Committee

  1. The Selection Committee will comprise the Principal, two representatives from the College and two representatives from the HCJC Alumni.

Awards and Prizes


Seah Boon Thong Book Prize



The Seah Boon Thong Book Prize was established in 2010 to honour the memory of the late Captain Seah Boon Thong. Boon Thong was from the 4th Batch of Hwa Chong Junior College and many remember him as an outstanding student and Hwa Chong's second President's Scholar. Also a Singapore Armed Forces Scholar, Boon Thong joined the Air Force as an A4 Skyhawk pilot after his tertiary education. He passed on in a training accident on 25th July 1985 when his plane crashed into the Johor Straits.

2010 marked the 25th Anniversary of his passing and a group of his former classmates and friends rallied together to raise funds—in his memory—for his alma mater, Hwa Chong. This prize will be awarded annually to a financially deserving and outstanding C1 (Year 5) student from Hwa Chong Institution. He or she must demonstrate outstanding leadership and all-round excellence in academic and co-curricular involvements.

The criteria serve as a tribute to Boon Thong's inspiring accomplishments. Boon Thong came from a very humble background, but through his determination and perseverance, he achieved all round excellence and was awarded the nation's most prestigious honour—the President's Scholarship.

It is the hope of the donors that this prize will spur their juniors to strive for excellence in everything they set out to achieve.

HCJC Alumni
Undergraduate Scholarship


The Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC) Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship was launched on 12 December at the 2011 HCI Senior Promenade.

Initiated by the HCJC Alumni, this scholarship provides financial assistance to Hwa Chongians who have gained admission to undergraduate programmes at Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, or Singapore Management University.

Hwa Chong alumnus, Mr William Ng, mooted the idea. He realised that many deserving Hwa Chong students required scholarships in order to further their studies. Mr Ng has generously donated $200,000 as the initial seed money for the scholarship. He has also stepped forward to lead fund-raising events for the scholarship in its initial years.

This scholarship is offered to Hwa Chongians with exceptional academic results, outstanding leadership qualities, and Co-Curricular Activities achievements. It sponsors the minimum duration of the first degree, and an additional year if the holder qualifies for an Honours degree course, subject to sustained academic performance and satisfactory conduct in the university.

For more information about the HCJC Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship, please check 

Ang Wee Hiong
All-Round Excellence Award


The HCJC Alumni set up the Ang Wee Hiong All-Round Excellence award (ARE) in 2010 to honour the longest-serving principal in Hwa Chong Junior College. Mr Ang served as principal from 1999 to 2009. This award is the most prestigious one in the college and is presented to students who have not only achieved academic excellence in a rigorous and challenging Integrated Programme(IP), but who also possess qualities of leadership, passion, resilience and compassion. They serve as true role models for their peers.

For more information about the ARE and other awards in HCI, please check this website: 

Lim Nai Tian
Community Service Award


The HCI Community Service Award is given in recognition of students who have shown outstanding dedication towards others in the community through community and voluntary work. Nominees should inspire and/or empower others to participate in and add value to community life.

Criteria for HCI Community Service Award:

  • Fulfilled at least 200 CIP Hours

  • Led in a Service Learning Project

  • Involved in a variety of projects for different sectors (e.g. Children, Elderly, Youths, Healthcare, the Disabled, Environment or Arts and Heritage) or different types of activities (e.g. Fundraising, Organising camps)

  • Possess good leadership and team management skills

  • Display great passion and dedication in community work

  • Have good conduct

For more information about the Lim Nai Tian Community Service Award and other awards in HCI, please check this website: